If your establishment sells and serves liquor, i.e. bars and restaurants, it might be a smart idea to invest in Liquor Liability Insurance; this insurance will cover your establishment and your livelihood, if a customer injures themselves or property due to consuming too many alcoholic beverages. You would think that the adult, who decided to drink a little too much, would be held responsible for his or her own actions, but in reality, the business who served this person alcohol can be the one held responsible.

Let’s just give you an example of a situation, where you, as the business owner can be sued: if a patron drank at your establishment, had a good buzz going, and decided to get into his or her car and drive home; during this drive they hit and kill a pedestrian. The driver will of course go to jail for manslaughter, but did you know the family of the killed pedestrian can sue you for civil and criminal damages?

If you’re an establishment that sells liquor, investing in Liquor Liability Insurance will protect you from potential financial losses; if you’re ever sued for an alcohol related incident like the above situation, legal and court fees will be covered by your Liquor Liability Insurance.

Most states require establishments, who sell liquor, to invest in these insurance policies. However, if you are caught selling to minors, your Liquor insurance will not cover any fees that ensue this crime.

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